Our Governors

We are proud to be a local authority maintained school. As part of this structure, we have a governing body in place that provides strategic leadership and accountability for our school. The role of the governing body is key to the effectiveness of our school. Our governors are highly committed, well informed, and have a vision of high expectations for our children.

Our governors come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a range of skills that they use well to support and challenge the Head Teachers. They come from a broad range of backgrounds including finance, education, health and safety, and safeguarding, and bring a plethora of skill sets that we use to support the school in the following aims:

Ensuring that the vision, ethos, and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined.

• Ensuring that the Head Teacher performs their responsibilities for the educational performance of the school.

Ensuring the sound, proper, and effective use of the school’s financial resources.

To help the school provide the best possible education for its pupils by supporting and challenging the school’s leadership team, ensuring accountability, and offering a strategic overview in line with the school’s agreed vision and values.

Our governors are passionate about ensuring that Latimer provides an excellent education for the children it serves both now and in the future; they regularly attend meetings and visit the school to support its work and development.