Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is extra government money which is given to schools to support children’s learning and development. The grant has been provided by the government, to tackle the attainment gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium students.

Your child may be entitled to the grant if you are registered for free-school meals and in receipt of certain benefits. Please be aware that free-school meals differs from Universal Free Meals, which all children in EYFS- Y3 are entitled to.

Based on the number of Pupil Premium students on roll, a sum of money is given to schools each year. The school can choose how best to spend it most effectively in order to remove barriers to learning caused by inequality in family income.

The funding is used to ensure that each pupil participates fully in all aspects of school life and reaches their academic potential; ultimately improving life chances.

Pupil Premium funding is used for three main purposes:

  1. To improve the quality of teaching and learning, through for example, CPD of teachers.
  2. Provide targeted academic support, such as structured interventions and small group tutoring.
  3. Support wider strategies, including improving attendance, behaviour and well-being.

To check if your child is entitled to Free-School Meals please go to Leicestershire County Council’s website.



The pupil premium strategy outlines how Latimer chooses to spend the entitlement each year and the impact of this. 

Latimer Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023 24