Supporting Our Children with SEND

At Latimer, we are extremely proud of the support we provide to all children, regardless of any barrier they may have. We are ambitious for all our children and aim that they all reach their own potential. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all children are challenged in their learning and make good or better progress each year.

Not all pupils achieve in the same way and are extremely proud of the support that we provide families to find the right path for their child’s future. We work closely with families, specialist teaching services and other professional services to ensure that any child who has additional needs is able to access the best support to enable them to meet their full potential. We are recognised locally for our strength with SEND provision and many parents chose to send their children to us for the additional support we offer.

At Latimer, children may be identified with special educational needs when their learning difficulty or disability is such that they need different or additional provision to other children of the same age. For some children, SEN can be identified at an early age. For other pupils, difficulties become evident over time. We work as a team to ensure that any concerns are flagged when they arise and children’s needs can be identified at the earliest possible point so that effective provision can start as soon as possible.

All of our classrooms are inclusive and friendly. We aim to teach in ways that will support children with varying tendencies such as ASD and dyslexia. All of our children have access to the full curriculum and we recognise their achievements in all areas. If children need it we will tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and provide additional intervention to support them.

If a child has an EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan), we put provision in place as outlined in their plan but also in response to the pupil’s ongoing needs and from guidance given by other agencies such as those from the educational psychologist, autism outreach services and SALT. Our SEN support is revised through a four-part process; assess, plan, do, review. This ensures provision is revised in light of the pupil’s response to support, interventions and strategies implemented and progress and attainment; taking into account the views of all parties.

Where additional adult support is required it is tailored to meet the individual needs of pupils; this may be on a 1:1 basis or in small groups depending on the child’s requirements. The exact nature of any additional support depends on the pupil’s specific needs. Teachers discuss additional provision with parents and pupils. Our aim is to enable pupils to develop the skills required to become active and independent learners.

If you do have any queries regarding your child’s progress please contact the class teacher or speak to our SENDCO.