History of Latimer

The original Latimer Primary School opened on Latimer Street in Anstey in January 1896 and its first headmaster was Mr John Bassett. The original building still stands and houses our years 4 and 5 pupils, the school library and the computer suite.

In 1903, Mr C. H. Lewis became headmaster, and he was responsible for many varied activities in the village. A collection of wildlife exhibits was built up, and there was even a stuffed otter on display; apparently, it had been caught in Rothley Brook at the end of the school field!

The school expanded rapidly when it was first built, and some children also attended classes at the Methodist Church. In 1911, Latimer Street site was expanded and a new building was built, which now houses our Year 3 and 4 classes. At this time, an infant school site was also built on the Bradgate Road in Anstey. The Nook was used as the school playground as there were only 1 or 2 vehicles in the Village at the time.

Over the years the school expansion has continued when both schools were merged and all the children attended the Latimer Street site.

Latimer’s role in the community particularly stood out during the First World War (1914-1918) when Mr Lewis organised the local war effort and older girls at the school were formed into a Red Cross unit. Others were sent out to collect blackberries and apples for the farm, and acorns for the pigs.

In the early 1960’s, the parents of Latimer Primary School rallied together to raise funds to build an outdoor swimming pool.

The pool was eventually covered and later demolished, but hundreds of children had the wonderful opportunity to learn to swim and compete in the school pool.

In January 1996, Latimer Primary School celebrated its Centenary. Pupils had the opportunity to experience what it would have been like to attend school in the late 19th Century.

Over the years the school has continued to expand with separate buildings for EYFS, KS1 and Year 6 added however, the original school buildings remain.

Today, Latimer Primary School pupils continue to develop responsibility in their local and wider community as well within the school environment.

This year, we are delighted and privileged to be commemorating 125 years of Latimer Primary School, its community and all that has been achieved.

Our celebrations will enable our pupils to explore an incredible wealth of history, through photographs and memorabilia and for local families and past pupils to share their wonderful memories of our school.