Ethos and Values- The Simple Truths

The five ‘Simple Truths’ form the basis of our school culture and provide a structure for our children to help them make good choices. The ‘Simple Truths’ are referred to throughout the school day and every child and adult are expected to live and work by them. Throughout the school you will find the ‘Simple Truths’ on display in the classrooms and areas  such as the hall and library and you will hear them spoken about in the classrooms, playgrounds, lunch halls and assemblies. We share our ‘Simple Truths’ with our families and governors.

I take Responsibility  is a key to our school ethos. Taking responsibility means to take ownership of our actions and to think carefully about our behaviour and learning. By taking responsibility our children take risks by attempting different challenges; they learn how to take the initiative and how to solve problems and they never blame others when things go wrong. If we see someone struggling or not taking responsibility for themselves we support them to make the right choice. Our children also learn to take responsibility for the community and world around them by learning about the impact of their actions on the environment and by understanding our British Values.  

I will cross the road for you reminds our children that they are part of a community. I will cross the road for you reminds our children that they are part of a community. It teaches our pupils to be a ‘good neighbour’, to be compassionate and to go out of their way to help others and the world around us. If someone is stuck children will use what they know to support their friend. If they see someone needs help they will use their time willingly to do so. Our children go out of the way to support the planet, to learn about issues that are going on in the world.

I treat others the way I expect to be treated guides our adults and children alike to the right way to behave towards others. It means that we support others in our school. If we see that someone is feeling lonely or upset we always make sure we help and check that they’re ok. It means that we don’t call people names, be unkind, or boast to others about our talents. We speak with respect, remember our manners and show gratitude to those that help us.  If we see that someone is being hurt we put a stop to it by telling an adult or safe person.

I take pride in doing my best helps us to remember to always go the extra mile and be responsible for achieving our best. It means to be engaged, enthusiastic, and diligent and to be a good role model in and outside of the classroom. Our behaviour at Latimer is expected to be excellent both in the playground, classrooms and in our attitude towards our work. Taking pride helps to build our self-esteem and gives our children and adults a deep sense of satisfaction in their achievements.

We are all equal but different helps children and adults to challenge bullying and stereotypes and creates a culture where we respect everybody irrespective of our backgrounds or experiences. Our children value and appreciate individual differences and treat everybody fairly. Children and adults feel safe within our inclusive environment and everybody is expected to respect individual beliefs and report  inappropriate behaviour immediately. We are proud to be founding members of the Global Equality Collective- a pioneering project to measure and improve equality, diversity and inclusion within education and wider business.