Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs

We have a growing number of clubs for our children to take part in either during the school day or after-school which add to the breadth and depth of our curriculum and provide opportunities for our children to learn new skills and talents.

Our children can take part in sporting activities with cross country club, Judo Club led Mr Welford a British Judio champion and gymnastics. We run a dance club where children have the opportunity to perform infront of an audience at The Curve Theatre in Leicester.


At lunch times our library hosts our ‘Chameleon’ Club which provides respite to those children who find the playground a large space to be and would benefit from some quiet time at lunches. At Chameleon Club children can take part in board games, use the library space or simply enjoy some time with our Emotional Literacy (ELSA) team.

For those with musical interest children can take part in drumming lessons, guitar lessons and the Young Voices Choir during the school day.