Developing Responsibility; Caring about Achievement: SMSC in our Curriculum: 

SMSC is defined as the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of education. At Latimer SMSC is integral to our curriculum and is reflected by our school ethos of Developing Responsibility; Caring about Achievement and the curriculum aims: that children take responsibility for their own learning and wellbeing; Live positively and contribute effectively within the school and local community. 

Our document ‘Developing Safeguarding, SMSC and British Values at Latimer’ outlines the specific provision for these areas across our curriculum and is summarised below.  


Spiritual: Our children’s spiritual education is developed through recognition of their own and others beliefs and how this has shaped the world. Children are encouraged to ask questions of theirs and others feelings in subjects such as English and PSHE. In our Mental Health curriculum, Children learn about their emotions and strategies for managing these, they learn to articulate their own beliefs with confidence and discuss and learn from mistakes.  

Throughout the school we celebrate differences and learn to agree to disagree- reflecting our Simple Truth of ‘We are all Equal but different’.  


Moral: Moral education is the opportunity to learn what is right and wrong- it is about understanding consequences, respecting the law and rules, being able to investigate moral and ethical issues and offering their own views. We develop moral education in a number of ways including discussing immigration and the plight of refugees in Year 6 and understanding the impact of the plastic crisis in year 4. Moral education at Latimer is the heart of our ethos and is reflected in our Simple Truth of ‘We take Responsibility.


Social: Social education is about the opportunity to use and apply our social skills in the community to participate in the local community and beyond; appreciate different viewpoints, volunteer and resolve conflict. Social education is developed continually at Latimer in our day to day interactions. It is also developed through our curriculum focus on Anti-Bullying and conflict resolution in PSHE, in PE through team games and also through different group activities and teaching approaches. Social education reflects our Simple Truth of ‘We will Cross the Road for You’ which helps our children to remember to go out of the way to support others.


Cultural: Throughout our curriculum children have the opportunity to encounter influences beyond that they know as part of their day to day. They explore the importance of traditions such as Remembrance, understand the importance of the monarchy in British society and explore how Leicester’s culture has changed over time through immigration. This is reflected in our curriculum intention to ‘Build children’s knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the local community which is outside of their daily experiences’ reflects the approach to cultural education at Latimer.